A new challenge has been proposed to us, to people who more or less know how to manage these new kind of tecnologies because we don’t have any idea about the term “metadata´´ itself.

As far as we have researched, we are able to give some definitions or meanings about this term:

– CONTENTS: it’s a group that contains every part of a unit.

– DATA: a simbolic representation of chracteristics of a unit. The data itself has no sense, but it can be used to calculate. it’s very usual in computer science.

– METACONTENTS: it’s an information related to the content of a document, such as tittle, author, the size of the files, date of publication, historical changes, etc. The metacontent can be used to search information and administer.

– METADATA: we are talking about high structured data which describe information, the content, the quality, the condition and some other characteristics.

Some examples that can be used with

– metadata: audiovisual iformation, geospacial and printed.

– metacontents and metadata: work in digital edition to identify the author, to search for information and to study in depth.